Discover Genet Western - Leader in the Food Service Industry

Known for our continuous innovation and indomitable spirit, Genet Western has carved a distinguished position in the food service industry. Over the past 40 years, we have developed a rich history defined by unparalleled service and uncompromising quality. Our commitment to serving our clients with the best food service supplies has been the impetus to our success and industry leadership.

Who we are

Decades of Tradition: Our 40 Years in Food Service

We take immense pride in our journey, which has been marked by consistent reliability, unmatched service, and superior products for the past four decades. Over the years, we’ve been chosen by businesses of all sizes, across diverse industries, which trusted us for their food service supplies requirements. 

The Beginning: How Genet Western Started

Our venture began in a small town with a clear vision to provide quality products at
competitive prices with a reliable supply chain. Armed with determination, we took our first steps into this sector, and Genet Western was born.

The Growth: Our Journey Through the Decades

Throughout our journey, our focus has been on embracing innovation and expanding our horizons in response to our customers' needs. We have stretched our wings beyond food service products to incorporate high-quality janitorial supplies and paper products in our roster.

Our Mission: Providing Quality Food Service

Our central creed is clear and simple: to equip our customer businesses with top-notch food service supplies. Every single effort at Genet Western is anchored to this mission.

Defined by Dedication: The Genet Western Mission

Our unwavering dedication to customer needs is what guides our mission. Day in, day out, we make concerted efforts to ensure that businesses partnering with us never lack in the quality or availability of food service supplies.

What We Stand For: Our Core Values

As a deeply-rooted community player, our values are central to how we operate; they revolve around integrity, innovation, and a customer-first approach. These values inform every policy we make and every decision we take.

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Years of Experience

Pioneers in the Food Packaging and Janitorial Supply Industry

Our narrative takes a doubly successful tone as we have also made remarkable contributions to the food packaging and janitorial supply industries over the years.

Leading with Innovation: Our Role in the Food Packaging Sector

A trendsetter in food packaging, we have been instrumental in driving evolutionary change by offering innovative solutions that cater to the dynamically transforming needs of our customers.

Maintaining Standards: Our Contribution to Janitorial Supply

In the janitorial sector, we have consistently delivered products that set the bar high in terms of quality and service. Our contributions have significantly helped businesses maintain clean and ultra-secure environments, effortlessly.

Experience the Genet Western Difference

Partner with us and enjoy more than simple transactions – dive deep into a journey marked by extraordinary customer service and backed by extensive industry know-how.

The Personal Touch: Why Clients Choose Genet Western

We provide a personal touch with all of our customers. We invest time in comprehending each client's specific requirements, allowing us to customize our offerings and surpass their expectations.

Continuing to Serve: Our Long-lasting Partnerships in Food Service

Our journey is enriched by enduring relationships we build with our partners. Driven by a relentless commitment to serve, we have fostered durable partnerships, with many a successful years of collaboration in the food service industry to our credit.

Looking Forward: The Future of Genet Western

As we gaze into the future, we are filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement, eagerly awaiting the new vistas of growth and challenges that lay before us.

Embracing Change: Our Plans for the Future in Food Service

At Genet Western, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We are continuously evolving, with an eagerness to embrace emerging technologies and strategies, all aimed at enhancing our service to our esteemed customers.

We are constantly sourcing new products and factories to meet the always changing regulations around food packaging

We take an indepth approach to understand what our customers want. From
there we are able to deliver customized solutions using a multi-disciplinary approach taking into account supply chain logistics, the environment, cost, quality, service, and more.

Join Our Journey: Get in Touch with Genet Western Today

Keen to embark on this fulfilling journey? Get in touch with us today for a discovery call or a free quote. Custom and stock programs available. Come and walk with us, as we shape the future of food service together.